Toilet Ghost Flushing. How Do You Fix It?

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Toilet ghost flushing does not necessarily mean that your house is haunted. However, it does indicate that you need to inspect your toilet for other issues.

Ghosts are not usually responsible for ghost flushing, despite the name. It refers to a toilet that flushes by itself, even though it has not been used in a while. Ghost flushing can occur for many reasons, but it is usually caused by a leak in your toilet.

1. Toilet Ghost Flushing Caused By External Leakage

toilet ghost flushing

Water can leak from the toilet due to external leakage. This can happen in the tank, bowl, or pipes connecting to the toilet and your sewage system. Ghost flushing can be caused by all of these. It is important to identify the source of the problem and fix it.

Crack On The Toilet Bowl’s Exterior

Cracks like these are easy to see and can appear at any moment. However, cracks closer to your seat are more difficult to spot. A leaking bowl usually appears as if the toilet is “sweating” and seems to have just finished a marathon.

External cracks like these are best dealt with immediately. Patching up the toilet is always considered temporary. You may have to replace the entire toilet as it is now at risk of cracking.

Crack on the Toilet Tank’s Exterior

Cracking on the toilet tank’s exterior is more common than cracking the bowl. If the toilet is pushed into the wall, this damage can occur. Also, if you break both the wall and the toilet, you might get a double deal.

If the crack is more severe, you can then try to lower the level of the water in your tank. You can adjust the knob that controls the water level located near the fill valve. After you have patched the crack, try to adjust the height of your toilet water.

It is best to replace the toilet if the crack is too deep.

Loose piping

If the seals between the toilets and the sewer system become weaker, loose piping may probably occur. This type of leak usually requires the replacement of the seal or the pipe. So, if the problem continues, it could be a problem with the toilet fitting or water pressure.

Loose Shutoff Valve

If you suspect that the water shutoff valve attached to the toilet is responsible, you can be sure it isn’t doing its job well. This happens when your water pressure is too high to allow your water shutoff valve handle. Thus, the washer blows out.

To resolve this issue, call a local plumber. Incorrectly removing a water shutoff valve could cause flooding that can quickly transform your bathroom into a disaster.

2. Toilet Ghost Flushing Caused By Internal Leakage

toilet ghost flushing

A ghost-flushing toilet is usually caused by internal leaking. Many moving parts in a toilet are subject to wear and tear. One part can fail and cause another to fail. Then you will need to replace the whole toilet.

If you see any of these signs, take immediate action. Below are the parts that might cause your toilet to flush by itself.

Toilet Flapper

Phantom flushing is often caused by a broken flapper on the toilet. The flapper does not create a seal around the drain so water constantly fills the bowl, causing it to overflow.

Usually, the problem can be fixed by simply replacing the flapper. If the problem persists, the toilet handle may pull or warp the flapper. It is best to replace the handle in this instance.

Refill Tube

The tank’s refill tube, not the toilet bowl, is responsible for filling it. If the refill tube is too low, it can cause water to constantly flow into the tank. Of course, this causes phantom flushing.

You can determine if this part is responsible for your high water bills by removing the refill tube from your overflow pipe. You can then flush it and leave it. Although this is a simple solution, you can still contact a plumber for a permanent solution.

Flush Valve

The flush valve is responsible for flushing the toilet in the sewer system. The system may think the handle is being pulled continuously and cause constant toilet phantom flushing. In this case, the only solution is to replace the whole flush valve.

Toilet Flange

Although it may look like a toilet flange problem, it is actually an internal issue. This is the piece that connects the toilet to its main drain pipe. It can be found at the bottom of the toilet.

This can often mean that you will need to move the entire toilet onto its side. You’ll need to hire a plumber. The average cost to replace a toilet flange costs around $155.


Any small problem in the toilet should be dealt with as soon as possible. Ignoring such problems will cost you a fortune in the long run. These tips for toilet ghost flushing will help you solve it if you follow them thoroughly. However, consulting a plumber will be your last resort for phantom flushing repair if all else fails.

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