How To Pick The Right Toilet In 3 Practical Tips

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Your toilet is an essential part of any residential and commercial establishment. It means you should not overlook the pre-buying stage, which typically means you have to investigate and know what to consider to make well-informed decisions. But what exactly defines “how to pick the right toilet” for your context? 

This article will discuss three practical tips to help you with your toilet-buying ordeal. Take this as an opportunity to ensure you and other people of concern, like your family, customers, and co-workers, have the seat they need to poop and pee. This way, you can address everyone’s needs and maintain order on your property. 

How To Pick The Toilet Of Your Choice

how to pick the right toilet

Look for an ideal price range

Knowing your budget for your toilet is pivotal to your decision. It’s essentially like laying out a solid foundation for a long-term investment. In other words, because toilets are one of the most used plumbing fixtures in most spaces, you shouldn’t simply look for the cheapest one and call it a day. 

For instance, you can get a toilet for less than 75 dollars and even less if you are looking for secondhand seats. However, you may have a harder time with flushing and cleaning. Additionally, you may be wasting more money in the long run since cheaper toilets do use more water just to get rid of all the fecal matter and other waste. 

As such, you may want to go for an ideal price range of 100-500 dollars for your toilet purchase. If you want a model with great pressure assistance, you may have to raise your budget to 600 dollars. Just ensure you get all the features you are looking for and find a reliable supplier to suit your needs. 

Consider the advantages of a dual-flush toilet

Flushing is ubiquitous to the toilet-use experience, meaning you can expect many individuals to go for seats with dual flushing. It’s because of the sustainability, efficiency, and convenience it offers, all linked to the cost of gallons per flush. This factor also gives you the chance to budget on the water bill as you maximize each flush. 

You also have to consider the dual-flush system’s consistency, functionality, and overall maintenance cost. It ensures you can give all toilet users equal opportunity since some of the dual buttons are often hard to push and read. You may also find models that don’t properly flush when used over time. That’s why you have to read comparison reviews, product descriptions, and other useful information to guide your choice. 

how to pick the right toilet

Examine the feasibility of having a wall-hung toilet

You will eventually come to a point where you have to clean your toilet. That’s why you should at least make certain that you can make it easier for yourself or your cleaning staff. Unfortunately, many toilets have nooks and crannies, especially the standard close-coupled ones. As a solution, get either a wall-hung toilet or a back-to-wall type. They are typically more high-quality and cost-effective than other toilets. 


Having the ideal bathroom experience starts with your choice of toilet purchase. Fortunately, you now have a better understanding of what to look into and consider. You just need to do more research on the specifics to find the right seat. Remember all the previously mentioned tips and find your toilet and other related equipment today! 

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