How To Choose The Right Toilet?

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The right size, height, and function all make up the factors of how to choose the right toilet in every home. When buying or replacing a toilet, one of the first questions that store assistants will ask you is the size of toilet you prefer. If this is your first time hearing that toilet bowls have sizes, they come in various dimensions and forms to cater to different users. Getting the right size and dimension will guarantee that you only buy the perfect toilet to give you the most comfortable toilet experience.

If you already like your existing toilet’s size and height or you found your ideal one, the job will be easier for you. You only need to measure it––is simple to do as long as you have the tools and know the steps to take. If you are clueless about how to proceed, here are three steps that you must take:

Proper Way To Measure A Toilet

Gather the Measuring Materials

Make sure you have everything you need to get accurate measurements. A ruler or a measuring tape can do the job well. Do not forget to have somewhere to write or keep the measurements as well, so you won’t easily forget.

how to choose the right toilet

Know What You Need to Measure

Here are four factors you need to measure when identifying the size of the toilet:

  • Width: You need to measure the widest part of the toilet bowl to get an accurate width measure. It can be the bowl or the tank, whichever is wider. 
  • Height: Height refers to the distance between the floor and the toilet seat top. The size would differ, depending on what type of chair style you prefer. 
  • Rough-In Dimension: The rough-in dimension refers to the distance between the wall behind your toilet and the waste pipe or drains of your toilet bowl. 
  • Shape: You need to note your toilet bowl’s shape as this influences the measurements you take. Here are the standard styles of toilet bowl you will encounter in the US:
    • Round – The standard shape found in most spaces, is best used in small spaces.
    • Elongated – The second common popular shape, slightly longer than the round shape. 
    • Open-Front Seat – This design is for women to ensure that their hands will not scrape onto the toilet seat when wiping their genitals.
    • Raised Seat – This toilet seat is specially designed for people with mobility issues. 
    • Children’s Seat – This seat accessory is added to accommodate and help with the baby’s toilet training.

Begin Measuring

Now, it is time to do the measuring. Always keep in mind your goal for the bathroom when you measure so that you can apply the needed space allowance for each. Here are the essential tips that you must keep in mind:

  • Remember to measure from end to end of the widest or longest point of the bowl. This tip is crucial since toilet bowls come with curves. 
  • All your measurements must be correct. Make sure to double-check them before ordering a new toilet. 
  • Be careful when taking measurements. Avoid unnecessary and tempting actions like standing on the toilet seat when doing so. 


When buying the perfect bowl for a bathroom, you cannot just visit a store and point at whatever looks good to you. You need to sit down and experience the toilet bowl first before you decide. If your existing toilet is already satisfactory for you, all you need to do is measure it correctly so that you can replace it with similar but better quality. The right toilet measurement will guarantee that your new toilet bowl gives you the best toilet experience!

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