Chair Height vs Standard Height Toilet

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There are so many options available for toilets on the market that it can be hard to decide which one is best for you. You can choose from a round or an elongated bowl, one-piece or two-piece toilets, wall-hung, tankless, as well as many others.

Another important decision to make is whether you want a chair height vs standard height toilet. Both options are popular and have their pros and cons. This article will help you make an informed decision about which size toilet is best for your bathroom.

The Difference Between Chair Height And Standard Toilets

The height of a toilet seat is measured from the floor to its top. But, every toilet is different. Toilets can range in height from 15 inches to 19 inches. Standard height toilets are smaller than 17 inches, while Chair height toilets can be 17 inches or more.

Let’s take a closer look at the comparison and find out what they have to offer and who they might benefit from.

Chair Height Toilets

chair height vs standard height toilet

For tall people, Chair height toilets are a popular choice. These toilets are made to be more comfortable for taller people. But they can also be used by anyone who is shorter than them.

Standard height toilets can be fine for most people, but may not be suitable for the disabled and elderly. The average Chair height toilet is 18 inches and the standard toilet is 15 inches, which is a difference of 3 inches. A 3-inch increase in height can make it easier for elderly people to use the toilet.

Chair height toilets comply with ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act). A toilet that is approved by the ADA must be between 17″ and 19″ high from the floor to the seat. ADA-compliant toilets can be used by both the elderly and the disabled. Thus, making it easier to sit, stand, and transfer by wheelchair.

Chair height toilets can be called a variety of names but different toilet manufacturers have their own versions. There are many names for toilets, including Universal height, Right height, and Comfort height. They all measure 17″ to 19″ from the floor to the seat. A Convenient height toilet, which measures 21 inches from floor to seat is also available.


  • This is a good choice for elderly people, tall adults, and the disabled.
  • ADA compliant
  • Similar in price to regular toilets.


  • Too high for children, and too uncomfortable for adults who are shorter.
  • Some people’s feet may not touch the ground, which can lead to thigh pain or loss of circulation.
  • Higher toilets may make it more difficult to bowel movements.
chair height vs standard height toilet

Standard Height Toilets

Standard height toilets, which are standard-sized toilets, are most commonly found in bathrooms that have older models. These toilets have a standard 15-inch toilet seat height. This height is suitable for average-sized people and can also be used by children and smaller adults.

Many adults who are short complain about the discomfort of sitting on Chair height toilets. The toilet seat can cut into their legs. They are not supported by their feet on the ground which makes it uncomfortable for them to use the toilet.

This problem will also affect children, who will find it difficult to balance on tall toilets with their feet hanging over the edge. A standard toilet is better for children and shorter people.


  • Ideal for children.
  • More convenient for short people.
  • A shorter toilet will facilitate bowel movements.


  • It is not ideal for the handicapped.
  • More difficult to use the toilet for seniors.
  • Too short for tall people.

What is the best height for a toilet?

The only way to answer this question is by asking who will use the toilet. A Chair height toilet can be used by people who find regular toilets uncomfortable or inconvenient. That is why the Chair height toilet is the best option if you have tall, elderly, or disabled members of your household.

If there are children living in the house, a standard toilet might be better.

A Chair height or Standard height toilet can be used if there are multiple bathrooms. This will ensure that everyone can use the bathroom with no problems.

How To Make A Standard Height Toilet Taller?

A toilet riser is a great option if you don’t know if you want to convert to Chair height toilets. This inexpensive product can be purchased from many brands and will increase the height of your toilet bowl by several inches. The toilet seat risers can raise the height of your toilet bowl to Chair height without you having to buy and install a new toilet.

Wrapping Up

Chair height vs Standard height toilet both has advantages and disadvantages. But, then again, it all depends on the users. While neither toilet is superior to the other, one will suit certain people better than the others. If there are multiple people living in the same household, one toilet may be more beneficial than the other. This should be avoided by making sure there are both chair and standard height toilets.

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