Best Tankless Toilets Buying Guide 2022

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Looking into a compact, affordable tankless toilets that will occupy very little floor space and is easy to install is a tankless toilet.

Are you seeking a toilet that fits a particular space, is stylish, keeps costs reasonable, and is simple to install? Then you should think about a tankless toilet.

Tankless toilet models use the water pressure to get rid of the waste that is left inside. When attached to low-force water supplies, waste-removal devices, called pumps, are then added to boost these models’ efficiency. Tankless toilets, which are standard toilets with no tanks, use as low as 10 psi per flush.

Best Tankless Toilets List

Toto Dual Flush Tankless Toilet

TOTO 700H Neorest tankless toilet is an eco-friendly washlet (Bidet) and toilet combined in a luxurious design. With both eWater+ technology’s Universal design feature and ADA compatibility, this innovative technology combines TOTO’s eWater+ technology, a remote control, an automatic Cyclone flushing system, and SanaGloss cointreau-glazed ceramics, its ion barrier surface coating to keep water cleaner longer.

Toto’s MagicWave sprayer and warm air dryer combination produces warmer, dryer skin, making it easier to wash yourself. A Neorest 700H combination bidet and seat is considered the prime option for when you’re in a hurry.

The system employed for the boarding house’s cleansing pump ensures that the process is neither time-consuming nor energy-intensive while testimony to its approve the cleansing pump for being efficient and green. The motorized lift allows you to comfortably raise or lower the seat as you get closer to it. This ensures that even late adjustment can be implemented. A night light shines on the toilet to make it simpler for individuals to use.

Main Features:

  • Color: Cotton White
  • Double Cyclone Flushing system
  • Sleek, modernistic one-piece design
  • Elongated front bowl with heated automatic seat
  • Efficient Cyclone siphon jet flushing system (1.0GPF/3.8LPF and 0.8GPF/3.0LPF)
  • Useful remote control
  • Automatic Flushing system
  • Nightlight
  • Heated seat with temperature control
  • WonderWave, an aerated gentle water spray with programmable oscillating and pulsating features
  • SanaGloss, ceramic glaze ion barrier maintaining a shinier and cleaner bowl surface

TOTO Elongated Tankless Toilet and Washlet Unit

The TOTO Neorest MS990CGR-01 tankless toilet has a luscious bowl that activates the SanaGloss toilet technology necessary for a hygienic clean. The Neorest MS990CGR toilet cubicle features the SanaGloss sanitation system offered by the manufacturer TOTO, which inhibits the proliferation of harmful bacteria and debris.

Toto also offers an air deodorizer and dryer with the washlet cleaning process. The SanaGloss China surface is shiny and resistant to soiling. The cyclone washing system is designed for lower water consumption (six liters for each 1.6 gallons used). The washlet has temperature and pressure settings that facilitate cleaning.

This model includes automatic seat opening and closing along with a responsive, heated seat surface. We feel that the model costs more than its MS950CG#1 Neorest 500 counterpart, yet still extremely comparable. Both are equally high-class products.

Main Features

  • Color: White
  • Double Cyclone Flushing system
  • Sleek, modernistic one-piece design
  • Elongated front bowl with heated automatic seat
  • Efficient Cyclone siphon jet flushing system (1.0GPF/3.8LPF and 0.8GPF/3.0LPF)
  • Useful remote control
  • Automatic Flushing system
  • Heated seat with temperature control
  • SanaGloss, ceramic glaze ion barrier maintaining a shinier and cleaner bowl surface
  • SoftClose hinge system, which lowers the seat down to the bowl gently and quietly

Saniflo One-piece Tankless Toilet

Saniflo 023 is a macerator operated toilet that is more than a standard toilet seat. It can be placed in places where there are no drains. The macerator is nothing short of an efficient flushing system offered at the base of the toilet, and uses only one gallon of water during every flush. It flushes waste a distance of nine feet and beyond, and up to 100 feet horizontally. The Saniflo 012 macerator is the most renowned of all the toilets we evaluated.

The ideal spot for Saniflo 023 toilets is tiny rooms or compact spaces, such as lofts, attics, and garages, and locations far away from the typical domestic drainage system. You can use this tankless toilet to connect your water source to the sink.

An electrically powered macerating system that is controlled by an automatic interface measures 1 gallon of water per flush. The discharge elbow enables the macerator to rotate 360 degrees, making assembly and connection convenient and efficient. Considering that this toilet has its own water tank, it may benefit usages where accessibility is an issue, because assembly is straight-forward regardless of the room’s layout.

Main Features:

  • Color: White
  • Pumping up to 9-Feet vertically and 100-Feet horizontally
  • Sink connection
  • Only 1-Gallon of water per flush
  • Small space assembly
  • Sleek modern design and highly comfortable

TOTO 550H with eWater+ Disinfection System

TOTO’s neorest 550H enables you to acquire the all-in-one model of a tankless toilet and a bidet. Like many leading TOTO products, the Neorest 550H offers a SanaGloss ceramic glaze ion barrier that features a shiny, cleaner bowl; this model comes with a SanaGloss grade with the highest grade that keeps mold off as well, making it possible to cook less often and cleanly.

TOTO’s eWater mists the toilet bowl with electrolysis allowing the toilet to be easily cleaned. The SoftClose seat system contributes to the toilet’s quiet anti-slam that could boost its suitability for easy cleaning. This tankless toilet offers a 550H dissolving sewerage that does away with the need to manually flush every time.

Main Features

  • Highly efficient cyclone siphon jet flushing system (1.0GPF/3.8LPF and 0.8GPF/3.0LPF)
  • Three module bidet cleansing (front, rear, soft)
  • Easy-to-read state of the art remote control
  • Automatic flushing system
  • Heated seat with temperature control
  • eWater + Mist for greater bowl cleaning efficiency
  • Wonderwave, an aerated gentle water spray with programmable oscillating and pulsating features
  • SanaGloss, ceramic glaze ion barrier maintaining a shinier and cleaner bowl surface
  • SoftClose hinge system, which lowers the seat down to the bowl gently and quietly


Price, Location, Space, and Comfort

While you might think that installing tankless toilets is economical for homeowners particularly for short-term dwellings, you’ll find them installed in a lot of small houses as well as high rises. Tankless toilets that were developed for commercial applications, in places like New York, are one of the best-known features of the city. Battery toilets are installed without mechanical pumping systems typically to simplify the installation process and to facilitate servicing, which saves on maintenance expenses.

Since the source of the water is crucial for tactile hygiene, standalone toilets with waterless models are best suited for both genders. Additionally, you will notice that bespoke styles and washing functions have been added to most tankless hybrids in recent times, creating them more and more desirable.


Tankless toilets that are installed in commercial buildings or units are often equipped with high-pressure water sources (15 to 20 psi) and are referred to as Flushometers.Almost immediately after the water pressure falls below the 15psi minimum, the system may need to add a pumping scenario to increase its pressure.

The flushing control is a special valve attached to the toilet, which determines the amount of water per flush. In most cases, it is an interconnected setup that only regulates one or the other.

Cheap Chinese versus Expensive American

We found Chinese copy tankless toilets at 20% off of the original price. We suggest you resist the temptation to buy bargain basement quality.

Chinese models are known to use low-grade ceramics, scoffed finishes, and mechanisms that are not workable at all. If you fall for the cheap Chinese models, they will likely end up needing to be replaced in the first year, or at best, within the next three months.

The American and European models will follow modern-day technologies and regulations, adhere to the ISO-standards and nation-level principles, and be delivered the day you set them up. They will also maintain their luster, maintain a ceramic sheen, and offer you a warranty.

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Tankless toilets are known for their level of control over water use, including the timing of the flush. In contrast to the rate of a first flush with non-tankless toilets, it is doesn’t matter as much, in most models, to precisely determine the duration of the flush.

Besides water conservation, this industry is particularly focused on tankless technology, which has been advancing rapidly. In particular, these units enjoy the best water conservation technology simply because they are connected to the main line and can take advantage of pressure.

Floor or Wall Mount?

Deciding whether to install a floor-standing or wall-mounted toilet depends on your own weight and your needs. For those who have a tremendous frame and plan to have a smooth, clean surface on the floor, the wall-mounted options that are plumbed at the bottom are generally best for you.

Floor cleaning is an appealing point for the installation of wall-mounted units, since the units may focus on having little or no baseboards. This is a reason why wall-mounted units provide a better visual appeal and, hence, are easier to sanitize the floor underneath.

Pros & Cons


  • Tankless technology connects a toilet to a water main that reduces the possibility of malfunctioning tank flushing units.
  • The direct water mains connection uses less water through electronically controlled mechanisms.
  • Tankless models are easier to install.
  • Most models include a washlet (bidet) utilizing the high-pressure water source


  • The washlet (bidet) hybrids are more expensive than basic toilet models
  • When there is a water outage, there is no tank to back up for that extra flush
  • If there is a power outage, technology-based features will not work

Tankless Toilet Installation Guide

The installation of a tankless toilet is generally easier than a two-party toilet. With respect to the toilet design, there are two feasible approaches to installation; either floor-mount or wall mount. The system needs the toilet to be installed near the water source and securely connect to the flooring or wall that is both sturdy and safe.

Wall-mounted toilets must be installed to accommodate a range of people and varying weights. It’s recommended that you get familiar with the way your toilet seat will be used by people with a wide range of weights. When attaching a wall-mounted bathroom unit, you should consider the structural forces of the drywall and anchor bolts along with the product weight standards (width requirements) of the manufacturer.

The steps to install a toilet are quite simple and depend on that you’re replacing a current toilet with a new one. Consider that you do not have to worry about installing a water tank, you simply have to install your tankless toilet set over the drain pipes and make sure you have access to a water connection. The basic steps are:

  1. Turn of the water supply.
  2. Remove the old unit.
  3. Clean the area it will be installed.
  4. Ready the supply and waste plumbing
  5. Connect the supply and waste plumbing
  6. Mount the toilet, install the seat
  7. For electronic units, attach the seat to a power supply

Frequently Asked Questions About Tankless Toilets

Since most toilets models come with specific installation guides and user manuals, we limit out FAQ to general questions that are appropriate for all tankless toilets.

  1. How does a Tankless toilet work? Tankless toilets use a regulated flushing system that is directly connected to the water mains.
  2. Can I install a tankless toilet in a penthouse of a skyscraper? Yes, however, you will need to consider water pressure. Most modern high-rise buildings have pumps installed in the architecture.
  3. How sensitive are motion detectors that raise toilet seats? Very sensitive, the more advanced modes allow for sensitivity settings. If you don’t have a programmable setting, some seats will open and close every time you are around 10 feet from the unit. In some instances, dogs and cats can cause the more sensitive sensors to operate as well.
  4. I have low-pressure water, can I connect a tankless toilet? Yes, but you should consider checking to see if you will need a pump to increase the water pressure.
  5. My toilet has automatic flushing, what happens in a power outage? Any electronic device will cease to function in a power outage, including a tankless toilet. However, some models have a backup power source, a small battery that keeps the basic operations working for a short while.
  6. Do tankless toilets conserve water waste? Yes, tankless toilets provide control over the amount of water that flows through the system. The more technological ones provide full adjustable control.
  7. Is it easy to install a tankless unit? Yes, tankless toilets are single piece items that require a standard connection to a waste outlet and a water source connection that can connect to the main water pipe or in some cases to a sink.
  8. Why are some tankless models so expensive? As with any technology and fashion, tankless units can be very expensive when incorporating other technologies such as a “washlet,” remote control for seat heating, automatic flushing and set opening control.
  9. What are the main problems with a tankless toilet? This all depends on the level of technology you invest in. The more complicated a system, the more chances you have of issues arising. For instance, a regulated flush unit can be either mechanical or electronic. If the mechanism is electronic, then power sources and programming issues can arise. If the control is mechanical, then wear and tear issues can arise.

Bottom Line

We looked into various designs, such as the best tankless toilets on the market, and discovered that a few models allow lighter, more compact installation. On account of their high-pressure setup, others are somewhat more comfortable to use while hybrid.

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