American Standard H2Option Siphonic Toilet Review

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The H2Option Siphonic Toilet is considered an HET (High-Efficiency Toilet) in accordance with the Water Sense specifications for dual flush toilets. It has a full flush of 1.6 gallons per flush and a partial flush of 1 gallon per flush. All the toilets are 100% flush tested at the factory and the whole toilet has a 5 year limited warranty. Due to the round shape and the overall height to the toilet seat (which must be purchased separately), this toilet does not meet ADA specifications. Toilets that do not meet ADA requirements cannot be fitted to new or refurbished restrooms that are used by employees or the general public. Let’s read the details in American Standard H2Option Siphonic Toilet Review.


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Design / Materials

The A.S. 2889.216.020 is a conventionally shaped two piece toilet made from vitreous china with an AS EverClean surface. This surface is designed to stay clean longer with reduced need for manual cleaning. The toilet has a rounded bowl, meaning that the toilet does not protrude from the wall as much as elongated bowls.


Flushing System

The toilet has a dual flush system using 1.6 GPF for the full flush and 1 GPF for the partial flush. There are two chrome plated push buttons on the top of the tank to operate the flush. The flushing action is enhanced by American Standard’s H2Option Siphonic flushing system which is a high efficiency pressurized flushing action. Click to see the best 5 dual flush toilets in this year.

American Standard 2889.216.020 H2Option Siphonic Dual Flush Round Front Toilet, White, 2-Piece


The highly efficient flush system combined with the EverClean surface leads to the need to manually clean the American Standard 2889.216.020 quite as often as one would need to with older toilets. The pressurized water from each flush is forced out of a series of holes in the rim to give improved scouring and pressure washing of the bowl.



Even though the full flush uses more than the Water Sense specification of 1.28 GPF, as this is a dual flush toilet the testing is different. The test is based on the average of two partial flushes and one full flush. The 2889.216.020 meets these specifications and therefore, in many areas buying a 2889.216.020 will mean that you are eligible for rebates from your water supplier. Check here to see if you are in an eligible area.


Ease of Installation

The toilet uses an industry standard 12” rough in to the waste pipe. Although the installation is very much similar to most two-piece toilets, this toilet comes with the bolts and grommets pre-installed. This pre-installation saves time when installing the toilet. For AS recommended installation instructions, check this link.



  • H2Option Siphonic Dual Flush
  • Water Sense certified HET toilet
  • S. EverClean surface
  • Rounded front to toilet bowl
  • Bolts and grommets pre-assembled to help with a speedy installation
  • 100% flush tested at factory
  • 5 year limited warranty



  • Does not meet ADA specifications, and is therefore not suitable for use in commercial toilets.If you are looking for a commercial one, check other ADA certified top rated toilets.


Overall                4.6/5

The American Standard H2Option is a one of the best rated toilets, both in terms of volume of sales and ratings by users. It is water efficient while at the same time very effective at removing waste in one flush and the EverClean surface helps in keeping the toilet bowl clean. The pre-assembly of the loose parts and the 100% factory flush testing combined with a long 5 year guarantee make you feel that American Standard go that little bit further to make sure that their customer has a positive experience with their products.

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